Saturday, May 25, 2013

how to make a face sculpture

Place the Styrofoam tray on a table. To make the monkey’s eyes and forehead, use an old egg carton. Cut off the ends of the carton and place them side by side so they fit in the tray. Now cut out a rectangular piece of each carton’s top so the two egg cups inside are visible. For the mouth, place a Styrofoam bowl upside down on the tray.To make the nose, cut off the bottom half of a Styrofoam cup, but leave a point on one side. Place the nose, pointy side up, just under the eyes. Make the monkey’s cheeks by rolling up two plastic bags and placing them beside the nose.Roll green modelling clay between your hands until it is the shape of a long skinny worm. Place the skinny piece of clay above the monkey’s eyes. Roll up two more pieces of clay and place them around each eye.Use your fingers to press the modelling clay into the Styrofoam. This keeps the clay secure and gives it more texture.Place red modelling clay around the Styrofoam bowl. Again, use your fingers to press the clay into the Styrofoam.Keep placing modelling clay all around the monkey’s face, like in the photo.Place the monkey’s face on an old towel, one that you’re not worried about getting dirty. Gather together the three spray bottles and the paintbrush.Lay four strips of toilet paper, lengthwise, over the monkey’s face.To add colour to the toilet paper, spray yellow water in the middle of the monkey’s face, spray red around the yellow, then green all around the edges.Dab the paintbrush gently onto the monkey’s face. See how the toilet paper sticks to the modelling clay and the monkey’s face starts to pop out?Add five layers of toilet paper in total. Place the second layer of toilet paper horizontally. Place the third layer lengthwise, and so forth. Once you do five layers, set aside the monkey’s face to dry—it will take all night.Once the monkey’s face is dryPop the monkey’s face right off the Styrofoam tray, then trim along the edges of the face with scissors. It looks amazing!Make more animal face sculptures, like an ostrich...or the king of all animals, a lion! Roar!

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